Harmony & Expression Mala

Blue Quartz, Sodalite, Blue Goldstone, Clear Quartz

Clear the path to a more harmonious way of being. Move from emotional to rational, and invite order and balance into your life. From a place of grounded calm, authentic expression and communication can flow more easily.

Blue Quartz – Enhances communication and expression. Promotes mental clarity, organization and focus. Alleviates fear, lifts sadness, and calms the mind.

Sodalite – Unites logic and intuition. Promotes order and calm. Inspires deep thought, insight and rationality. Aids honest expression and good communication.

Blue Goldstone – Associated with learning and communication. Stabilizes emotions and promotes calm, balance and acceptance. Boosts confidence, courage, and optimism.

Clear Quartz – Master healer, clarity of mind, elevates negativity, perspective, expands consciousness, eliminates energy blocks.

Sandalwood – A sacred aromatic wood that is helpful for staying alert during meditation. Supports a spiritual practice. Brings emotional balance and calm.

Stainless steel essential oil diffuser pendant – Felt pad nestled inside for you to apply a drop or two of your favourite essential oil. Felt pad hand washable