Lava & Chakra Wrist Mala

Balance Chakras, meditate and diffuse your favourite essential oils, all-in-one!

This beautiful Chakra wrist Mala is made of 20 lava beads and 7 gemstone beads, one gemstone to represent each of the seven main Chakra energy centres.

This wrist Mala is carefully designed with 27 beads, a division of 108, traditionally used in Japa Meditation.

Each chakra is represented by a specific colour. Colour is the vibration that directly affects the body, mind and spirit. Gemstones have powerful healing aspects of their own to add to the balancing element of this Mala.

Black lava is a stone that brings protection and strength to the wearer. Strengthening your connection to the earth, black lava draws on the heat of its creation to help bring stability during times of change. Lava is also known to instil power and generate passion.

Since lava beads are naturally porous, you can add a drop or two of your favourite pure essential oil to the lava beads as a diffuser, giving you powerful healing benefits lasting for days.